Golden West Chapter Newsletter Archive


Prior to 2007, the Golden West

Chapter newsletter, The Primer, was published in hard copy and mailed to members. Commencing with the Spring 2007 issue, it was published in electronic form on the Chapter website.Below are links to these later issues.

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Through the years various articles were published in The Primer.†† Some of these are listed below.†† Click to view them.Permission to use these in other publications can be obtained from the webmaster here.


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Spring 2022


Blasting Concrete at Box Canyon Dam


Blasting Under a Bucket Line Dredge


Blasting Potash near Carlsbad, NM


Mt. Redoubt Revisited


Seismic Shooting at Permanente


Digital Daze


Kartchner Caverns


Blast Vibration Limits on Pipelines


San Francisco 1906 Earthquake


Earthquakes on Blasting Seismographs


Can Blasting Trigger an Earthquake?


Seismic Anomalies


Destroying Explosives at Silver Peak


Unusual Uses for Explosives


PPV vs. the Richter Scale


Blasting to Open Ramelli Pit


The 10-1/2 Foot Pole List


How Much is Too Much?


A Project for the Disarming of Anti-Personnel Mines


Flyrock Revisited-on the Web


Blasting with a GPS


Blasting Near Water Wells


Trials and Tribulations in Shooting a Well


Calibrating Nevada


Too Much AND Too Fast


Ghosts Donít Complain About Blasting


The Helms Creek Pumped Storage Project


Seismograph Monkey Business


Larkspur Landing






Papers from Technical Workshops:


Back to Basics Ė The Fundamentals of Blast Design


(This document was originally presented at the Chapterís 1999 workshop.

It was revised and re-published as a newsletter supplement in 2008.)



Understanding Blast Vibration and Airblast,Their Causes and Their Damage Potential


(This document was presented at the GW Chapterís workshops in 2006 and 2007.)



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